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Business Broadband

We offer entry-level ADSL business broadband connection, which provides basic connectivity to your office. The service runs over copper cables between your office and local exchange, giving you speeds of up to 24Mb/s download and up to 2Mb/s upload. ADSL products are available on all exchanges in the UK. As with all broadband, actual speed is dependent on the length and quality of your telephone line. Complete advise on a suitable internet connectivity for your business.

Business Fibre Broadband

We provide a superfast, high performance fibre connection which offers businesses the opportunity to take advantage of cloud-based services, such as Office 365, flexible working, remote data storage, large/quicker file transfer or IP services like VoIP and video conferencing which in turn enables them to work more efficiently and to connect with customers and colleagues all over the world.

Benefits of using Skypower Fibre Broadband:

  • Fast fibre broadband.
  • Rapidly increasing availability.
  • Competitive pricing.
  • Unrestricted downloads.
  • Leads located in your base.
  • Provided with SLA.
  • Supports both our SIP trunks and hosted telephony services.

Fibre Broadband features:

  • Download speeds Up to 80 Mbps where available*
  • Upload speeds Up to 20 Mbps .
  • Up to 8 static IP addresses.
  • Unlimited Data.
  • Free Hardware.
  • Free Line Rental for 3 months*.

Ethernet Services

This internet connectivity is delivered using cost-effective FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet) technology. A cost-effective alternative to more expensive leased line Internet connectivity solutions for businesses moving from multiple DSL connections and requiring uncontended internet service.

Key Benefits of our Ethernet Over FTTC (eFTTC) Connectivity:

  • Competitive SLAs.
  • Up to 20Mb upload and 80Mb Download.
  • Delivered using cost-effective FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet) technology.
  • Fast, reliable access. More affordable compared to Leased Lines.
  • Short install lead times.
  • Unlimited IP addresses (available upon request).
  • Perfect for both our SIP trunks and Hosted Voice Services.
  • High availability connections - ideal for business critical applications
  • Voice and data Convergence.
  • Symmetric, has High Performance, is Reliable and Un-Contended.

Ethernet first mile (EFM)

A business-grade, uncontended solution, EFM offers a lower cost alternative option and can achieve upload and download speeds of up to 35MB. EFM is ideal for customers that are growing in size. It's the perfect fit when moving from multiple DSL connections, or SDSL, to quicker symmetric speeds without the high costs of an Internet Leased Line.

Key Benefits of our EFM Connectivity:

  • Very Cost effective.
  • Quicker installation than fibre optic.
  • Competitive SLAs - guaranteed fix within 7hours.
  • Up to 35Mb/s upload and download (Symmetric speeds).
  • Guaranteed bandwidth/speed / Uncontended Service.
  • Dedicated delivery.
  • Super Resilient services due to multiple copper pairs available.
  • Perfect for both our SIP trunks and Hosted Voice Services.
  • High availability connections - ideal for business critical applications.
  • Voinc and Data Convergence.
  • 24/7 Monitoring and Helpdesk.
  • Managed CISCO Router.

Leased Lines

Internet Leased lines are dedicated connections that offer businesses a direct connection between your office and their local exchange over fibre cables.Skypower partners with multiple carriers so we can assess each site to see who has the best service at the best price

Key Benefits of our Ethernet Leased Line Connectivity:

  • High Speed - Symmetric Speeds of up 10Gbps.
  • Reliability - guaranteed uptime and service quality.
  • Robust - End-to-end SLAs which includes 4-6 hour fix.
  • Support - 24/7 technical support and a guaranteed fix time on any connection errors.
  • A backup broadband connection to guarantee service continuity in the event of a disaster.
  • Upgrade - leased lines grow with your business.
  • Multiple static IP addresses available.
  • Reporting - On-line portal - monitor and report on connection
  • Business Continuity.
  • QoS - Internet Bandwidth Management.
  • Security.
  • Dedicated Account Management.