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Hosted Call Center

Horizon Call Centre is a cloud based service with an extensive range of inbound call centre capabilities that can be setup and managed via an easy-to-use web portal, complementing our other product such as the Hosted PBX. Horizon Call Centre is simple to set-up and configure through our easy-to-use Horizon admin interface and includes lots of clever features.

It is an extension to our Horizon hosted PBX Solution, this add-on service enables businesses to easily manage their inbound call centre environments, boost productivity of call centre agents and the overall efficiency of their call centre and help them deliver a first-rate service to their customers.

Manage Your Inbound call Center using the Horizon key Features below:


Who is Horizon Call Center for?

Horizon Call Centre is ideal for any business that receives inbound calls; for example those with sales teams, help desks, accounts departments, receptionists or customer service representatives, right through to the more traditional large call centre environments.

Horizon Call Centre is suitable for you if:

  • Dealing with inbound calls efficiently is important to you
  • Delivering a first-rate service to your customers is vital to your business
  • You require complete control over how your calls are managed
  • Your productivity can be improved by having virtual control of your inbound calls

Hosted Telephony

Hosted IP Telephony allows customers to replace on site PBX infrastructure with a network based solution. The service fulfils a wide range of requirements, from basic services for small or single site operations, to more sophisticated services for those businesses that operate multiple sites or call centre operations.

What is a Hosted PBX or CloudPBX Solution?

Hosted PBX or Cloud PBX is an IP-based telephony solution provisioned and accessed entirely over the Internet and enable companies to utilize standard telephony features like voicemail, music on Hold (MOH), Call transfer, call forwarding (Always, Busy, No-answer or unreachable),call waiting, call park, call hold, call pickup, last number redial, Three-way call and many more.

A hosted or Cloud PBX solution can save your company from having to invest heavily in costly on-site equipments e.g. an (on-premises PBX) which would need to be installed and maintained within your premises. Most of such traditional on premise PBX equipments would require that you have an engineer onsite to make changes (add, moves and configuration changes) to your system and most importantly would require that you enter into an unnecessary monthly maintenance contract.

What are the benefits of the Hosted or Cloud PBX Solution?

  • Lower Hardware & Servicing Costs.
  • Advanced Features.
  • Scalability.
  • Callers Experience.
  • Fixed and Mobile Integration.
  • Free Site-to-Site Calls.
  • Choice of Numbers or keep existing numbers.
  • Dynamic Business that want flexibility.

How can we be of Help?

Skypower Telecom can save your company from having to invest heavily in costly on-site PBX equipmentís which would need to be installed and maintained within your premises. Most of such traditional PBX equipmentís would require that you have an engineer onsite to make changes (add, moves and configuration changes) to your system and most importantly would require that you enter into an unnecessary monthly maintenance contract.

Skypower Telecom can perform a free Telephony Audit by reviewing your setup (line usage, call traffic, monthly cost) and then provide a report showing how much you could be saving on a hosted Solution every month. Past reviews show that moving to Hosted Telephony Solution can save businesses up to 70% on line rental, call cost by using your data connection for voice.

Skypower Telecom offers highly competitive rates, flexible monthly user fee with inclusive call packages on lines from carriers such as Gamma and BT, including local, national, international and mobiles

Inbound Call Management

Inbound is a telephony service for both geographic and non-geographic numbers that provides online access to a full range of call routing, monitoring and management tools to empower any business with the perfect customer service experience.

Skypower Telecom inbound services need no capital outlay, can be set up on the network within minutes for maximum operational flexibility, and are incredibly easy to use thereby increasing the productivity of your business. With the very easy to use web interface, changes can be set up easily and quickly. With access to feature-rich network services that are scalable, cost-effective and require no capital outlay.

Use with any number, anywhere, from any device – the service is available on both geographic (01/02) and non-geographic (08/03) numbers and is accessed through a secure user friendly website that can be accessed from any device. Improve customer service through tailored call plans to suit your business.

What are the Business Benefits of our inbound call Solution or routing?

  • No set up costs with implementation
  • No set up costs means that it can be funded out of operational spend, enabling quick decision making and implementation.

Who is our Inbound Call Managmenet Aimed At?

It is an important service for any organisation looking to fulfil the following business operations features:

Customer service: Excel in customer service, for example by managing callers during busy hours or when the office is closed Business continuity: Cater for business continuity in the event of a disaster by instantly redirecting calls to another site. Campaign reporting: Monitor advertising campaigns and report on the return on investment. Local or national presence: Create a local (01/02 number) or national (08/03 number) presence. Contact centre services: Provide contact centre services - for instance call centres looking to professionally handle calls for multiple clients. Call recording: Record calls for compliance or training purposes and report on productivity.

Calls & Lines

Skypower Telecom offers a wide range of call tariffs and line rental solutions tailored to provide competitive rates for the numbers you ring the most. We are an Ofcom accredited reseller and buy directly from the source, so you know that you are only getting the very best.Take advantage of our superior level of customer service and excellent tarriffs to local, national, mobile and international destinations

How do I swicth?

Switching to Skypower Telecom is very simple – just provide us with a copy of a recent bill and we will arrange for your calls to be transferred over within 15 working days. This transfer process will be entirely seamless to your end-users, there’s no need to change phone numbers or equipment – as all you would notice is your reduced invoice costs at the end of the month. Skypower will fully manage every aspect of the installation process from start to finish, including liaising with third party supplier

What Skypower Offers:

  • Analogue lines (One number one line)
  • ISDN2 (2 channels that can carry voice and data on one line)

SIP Trunks

SIP trunking is the fastest-growing telephony technology. It is a highly-flexible alternative to ISDN and is compatible with most of the leading IP PBX brands. With BT announcing the withdrawal of ISDN in 2025, and acknowledging its limitations compared with VoIP services such as SIP trunking and Hosted VoIP, now is the time to talk to us about how you can capitalise on the transition from traditional telephony to IP telephony.

SIP Trunks are like Analogue Lines but are cloud based, this means that there is not actually a physical line box installed on a wall, these run over your Broadband Internet connection, they are then connected to an onsite telephone system (PBX). We configure the SIP trunks to point to the IP address of the Broadband Internet connection on site.

Benefits of SIP trunking

Numbers anywhere: SIP removes geographic boundaries. This means you could have a London number that rings directly in Oxford without expensive call divert charges and you can take your business number with you wherever you are in the UK.

Flexibility: Increase or decrease the number of SIP lines you have within minutes, ideal if you have a workforce that grows or shrinks or if you use seasonal staff. Enables you to move office and keep your number.

Save Money: Save up to 70% on line rental and reduce your call costs. IP Connectivity costs less than ISDN with lower call costs

Resilience:SIP provides full business continuity model for disaster recovery through resilient sip Trunks

Instant Divert & Business Continuity: As part of the business continuity capability, you can instantly divert any number to a different destination. Temporary office relocations can be achieved cost-effectively

Rationalisation: Multi-site SIP would reduce cost on having ISDN lines accross sites